Air Conditioning In Colocation Facilities

Proper air conditioning is an important factor in your location for colocation. With hundreds of thousands of servers in the same room, all of which generate heat, the system must be able to cool down.

What happens is that the electrical energy consumed by the device is converted naturally into heat. This warmth spreads into the room. With so many devices working at the same time, it increases the temperature in the room.

This is why air conditioning is so important in your colocation provision. Industry experts recommend a temperature range between 20 and 25 ° C and a humidity of 40-60%. This has been identified as the optimal area for electronic equipment.

colocation facility

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It corresponds to average room temperature and aligns with the manufacturer's instructions for optimal performance. Air conditioning not only helps control room temperature but also helps control humidity.

Too much moisture and water condense on the servers. This indicates an obvious danger such as a short circuit or other damage to the hardware. There is too little humidity and the room is too dry.

When choosing a colocation facility, be sure to consider air conditioning and humidification systems. Ask the supplier what temperature the room is and what percentage of humidity is.