All About Dye Sublimation Printing Shirts

With so many digital cameras, taking photos has become a lot of fun and easy. But printing truly stunning photos is neither easy nor fun. Almost all of us will simply turn to photo labs to develop our photos. Of course, you can print your photos with an inkjet printer, but the quality of photos sometimes decreases due to the limitations of inkjet printers.

Sublimation printers can produce photos that are as good as photo films that we usually use. The image quality in the thermal sublimation process is very high. In its early years, only professional dispatchers had access to this printing technology.

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It's too expensive for the average consumer, and even professionals still have a long way to go to make print prices more viable. But as technology develops, so do the processes and devices associated with it. A coloring desktop sub printer that can print absolutely stunning photos.

Dye sublimation printers specialize in producing high-quality and accurate photos. Now that there are improvements, sublimation printing has become practical and affordable. Better yet, the price and size of the printer have been reduced. Today, inkjet printers are often sold with inkjet photo printers.

This new printer still uses the basic concepts and principles of dye sublimation. You heat the color pigment to make it stick to the paper. The flowers are impregnated with paper and covered with a protective layer. This prevents damage from UV radiation.

One of the tricks of dye sublimation is that there must be special paper. Specialty papers also include foil packaging which is specially formulated to achieve the best color.