All About International Schools In Amsterdam

"International school" means an educational organization that promotes "international education in an international setting" by adopting a curriculum or compulsory curriculum different from the country in which the school operates.

 Such schools are primarily designed to educate students who are not citizens or nationals of the host country. You can choose the best International Schools in Amsteterdam.

They are ideal for the children of people who work in foreign embassies or missions, international business associations, etc.

Schools are also available for local students from the school area who wish to obtain a degree or qualification suitable for further education or careers.


 The concept of an international school began in the second half of the 19th century when it was founded in countries like Switzerland, Japan, Turkey, and some others for families who travel a lot, such as missionaries, NGOs, embassies, etc. It becomes a school set up with the help and support of special facilities that the school needs – eg. Defense agencies, scientific community, diplomatic missions, etc. – and based on the curriculum in each country.

 Over time, globalization and technology in schools around the world have made leaps and bounds to respond to the increasing movement of people around the world for work, business, and other purposes. Such movements have given birth to generations of children who are far away from their home countries and require international school attendance. In this context, better national schools are not necessarily successful. Success criteria depend on the best international education system.