Alternative Personal Training Programs for Aerobic Exercise

The good thing about personal training programs is that you can always talk to your trainer about participating in an alternative aerobic exercise program or even lifting weights. There are many other ways to lose or gain weight, and they can be just as effective as traditional fitness training. You can hire personal trainers for all of your fitness needs via Free Form Fitness to achieve fitness goals.  

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Although Pilates is often associated with women's fitness, it can be just as effective for men. It can also be used for cardio and strength training since you have to carry the weight yourself. This is also an alternative type of exercise that a personal trainer would benefit from, as some of the positions you need to get into can cause injury if not done properly.  


It is very similar to Pilates in that it requires people to twist their bodies into positions that seem difficult or awkward. In fact, there is a fitness program called Yogalates that combines the exercises and exercises promoted by yoga and Pilates. 


You can think of it as an additional partner in boxing because it is designed to increase lower body strength – something that is sadly overlooked in upper body sparring sessions. Again, you don't have to worry because you really don't have to fight anyone to practice kickboxing. 

Both boxing and kickboxing can be used in women's fitness programs. All you have to do is discuss this with your coach. For those looking for an alternative workout that is undoubtedly designed for men's fitness, check out boxing.