Benefits Of Facade Lighting In Australia

Lighting for the facade is an essential aspect of any development whether it’s a hotel, university, resort, or historic parliament building, each project has its own distinctive character that the appropriate lighting for its facade can help communicate and support.

Facade lighting is gaining significant popularity because of technology utilized to illuminate the exterior of buildings to attract attention. A well-designed installation is discrete, subtle and offers complete precision to illuminate the building. You can visit facade lighting in Australia – color lighting by LIGMAN to learn different facade lightening projects implemented by them.

facade lighting

Some of the benefits of installing lighting on the facade are given below:

  • Eco-friendly and low-cost:

Facade lighting is based on LED bulbs, which consume significantly less energy than lighting with halogens, incandescents and fluorescent alternatives. They are therefore less expensive to operate and are greener for the environment.

  • Lower maintenance:

The extended life of LED bulbs implies that the time and effort spent on maintenance is much smaller than that of fluorescent lighting. Low-cost and low maintenance requirements mean that these kinds of lighting are generally preferred for large-scale lighting applications.

  • Projection range:

The LED bulbs are able to produce more light and have the most impressive projection capabilities in comparison to other kinds of bulbs. Due to the higher output of each bulb, it’s possible to use fewer bulbs when it comes to illumination of a structure.

The facade lighting solution is ideal for any large or small company looking to draw attention. This lighting system can be used to bring light and elegance to any structure to highlight a special occasion. Find out more about the linear LED lighting available in Australia provided by different companies.