Best Animal Charity Organization in San Diego

With Easter only a fortnight away, animal charities and rescue groups in the San Diego are preparing themselves for what is frequently an annually busy period for abandoned animals – with one popular house pet, in particular, becoming the prime focus of their attention at this time of the year.

The rabbit is so often portrayed as the soft, loveable, and cute figure in children's films, TV programs, cartoons, and written literature associated with Easter time – and for these reasons naturally becomes a popular gift for kids during Easter celebrations.  You can have a look at the best animal charity organization via

However, it seems that it is sadly also the case that pet rabbits are often becoming the victim of neglect and abandonment in the weeks that follow – as families and children fail to appreciate the ongoing needs and responsibilities of keeping the pets once the initial charm and excitement associated with the Easter Bunny wear away.

Often being dumped in nearby fields or woods, these domesticated animals can have little chance of survival in the wild – and those that do can breed rapidly, affecting the area’s natural ecosystem.

 Pet charities are therefore inundated with rescued, abandoned, and unwanted rabbits each year in the weeks following Easter time.

With rabbits for sale in hundreds of pet shops across the country at very low prices, it seems it is all too tempting for parents to buy their kids the loveable creature that is the rabbit without prior though of the long-term care required in keeping the pets.