Guide On How To Install Flooring Tiles

For home repairs, hiring a contractor just to install tiles for flooring is inappropriate. It also is true when you are dealing with small rooms. However, if you are not familiar with the process of tile installation or have a larger area to be tiled, it is advised to get help from professionals. You can contact tiling solution in Perth through for your home tile installation. So before wasting more money than your actual remodelling needs here is my guide on how to install tiles:


Clean the ground floor. Make sure that the floor is free from dirt, grease, or oil. Clean with chemicals that are safe for the environment or alternatively we can use a detergent. Flatten the floor. Remove any unnecessary spots that can appear through the floor tile thus ruin its appearance.


To find the centre of the room, first mark the centre of the wall. Ignore any offset or deviation. Locate the centre of the east wall and west wall, then make a line starting from the centre of the east wall until it reaches on the west wall. Do the same for the north and south walls. The intersection of two lines you just created is the centre of the room.


Follow the instructions of your cement tile products. Spread a layer of cement or adhesive in a quarter of the floor. Use the notched trowel, brush, or roller for this step. Most of the cement dry for about 15 minutes but still varies depending on the temperature and humidity in the room that you are applying the tiles. After 15 minutes, feel the cement by placing your thumb on it. If tacky and sticky, the cement is ready.


Begin to lay the tiles in the centre of your marking. The first tile must be exactly square with the lines. All other tiles will line up incorrectly if the first tile is wrong. Do not slide tiles into place. Make sure that tiles are butted firmly and do not have any gaps. Lay tiles according to your pattern. For tile border, place the tiles loosely over the last tile. Add another tile and place it on the wall. Mark tiles. Cut the marked line.