Impacts Of Smoking After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Although wisdom tooth extraction is a standard procedure in dentistry, recovery depends on the health of the patient's oral cavity and other external factors such as age and complexity of the procedure. 

However, if you consume tobacco or smoke after your wisdom tooth extraction in Colleyville, it can lead to various complications leading to infection and longer recovery time. You can get more information about the best wisdom teeth surgery via

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How does smoking cause complications?

According to the dental association, smoking after cheap wisdom tooth extraction in Sydney directly slows down the healing process and can also increase the risk of hive dryness. Smoking reduces the blood supply to the alveolar nerves, which in turn increases pain after wisdom tooth extraction.

The chemicals in tobacco and cigarettes are harmful to the site of extraction, slowing down healing. In addition, the physical act of smoking can replace blood clots and cause the hive to dry out. If left untreated, the infected area can lead to permanent infection of the jawbone.

If you do not quit smoking for some time after extraction, you will not only increase the costs of getting rid of the Magi in Sydney but will also affect your recovery after surgery and increase your chances of developing periodontal disease. 

The study also found a significant association between smoking and these complications after third molar extraction. Avoid smoking before pulling wisdom teeth

Now you know that after wisdom tooth extraction, smoking is a bad idea. You may also have wondered in the previous section – whether you can smoke or use tobacco before surgery.