Is A Protein Skimmer Necessary?

Aquaculture has always been seen as a very enjoyable and satisfying hobby. This fun and irresistible activity are growing in popularity among the American public.

If you enjoy keeping fish as pets, the well-being and happiness of your fish need to learn to care for your aquarium or pond. Using protein skimmers is an aspect of marine maintenance that should not be neglected. You can also buy Bubble Magus Curve 5 In Sump Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer w/ Bubble Plate via Marine Depot.

A protein skimmer is a filtering device that removes unwanted protein and other organic waste that is in the water before it starts to decompose and forms harmful and toxic nitrogenous wastes such as ammonia and nitrites.

Skimmers are fairly simple – they consist of a glass chamber to hold the water column, a bubble generator, and a cup to collect waste.

Why Use Protein?

When the skimmer turns on, the bubble stream from the balloon generator is pumped into the water column to create a large water/air interface. This interface attracts most of the unwanted organic molecules due to its hydrophobic (water repellent) nature.

What Do Protein Skimmers Do?

Apart from removing organic waste and wastewater, protein skimmers also do the following:

– Removes some inorganic contaminants such as phosphates.

– Removes all toxins released by corals or invertebrates in the aquarium.

– Facilitates the loading of biological filters.

– Suppress the accumulated algae and eliminate bacteria.

– Increase the oxygen content in the water.

However, it can also remove natural food sources such as plankton and trace elements such as iodine, which are needed for coral reef aquariums.