Learn More About Types Of Guardianship Attorneys In Arizona

There are a few types of guardianships in Arizona. The most common type is a conservatorship, which is a court-ordered guardianship designed to protect an individual's assets and ensure their best interest. 

There are also appointed guardian statutes that allow for a relative or friend to act as a guardian without going through the judicial process. By visiting top-rated online websites you can hire experienced guardianship attorneys in Arizona for your needs.

In some cases, the individual may be judged unfit to make their own decisions, or there may be concerns about their ability to properly care for themselves. Appointed guardianships are usually more temporary than conservatorships. 

Conservatorships can last for years, while appointed guardianships typically only last until the individual passes away, regains capacity, or is no longer a threat to themselves or others. 

There are two main types of guardianship: traditional and functional. A traditional guardianship is when one person makes all the important decisions for an individual who cannot make those decisions for themselves. This includes everything from where the Ward lives to what medical treatments.

A guardianship is a legal term that refers to the arrangement whereby one person, called the guardian, takes on the responsibility of caring for and financially managing the personal finances, health care, and other needs of a person who is unable to make decisions for themselves. 

The guardian typically has authority to make all legal decisions on behalf of the person they are guardian for. An attorney can advise you about your rights and provide information about the guardianship process.