Middle School: The Time for Parents to Step Away or Not?

It's not time to leave your child completely on his own yet when it comes to school. Too often parents who have stayed at home or worked part time think that sixth or seventh grade is the time for them to start working full time.

That's a mistake! Middle schools are usually large – more than double or even triple the size of the primary school where students come from. Children are fed sometimes to six or seven elementary schools. You can choose a top international school for middle years (ages 11-14) students.

In addition, instead of moving around with the same group of children during the day, most high school children regroup every period. A student is fortunate to be in class with someone they know better than a friend.

The curriculum becomes more difficult.

Content standards for early teens require a jump in the amount of critical thinking and problem solving required. The steps are relentless as the focus is on going through a whole list of standards rather than mastering a few important ones. In our school, grade six students scored lower in the first trimester than in the second trimester and lower than in the second trimester than in the third trimester.

Even the best students falter as they adjust to changing academic expectations. Parents need to be aware of this and assure their children that they understand how to handle work at school, but most schools do not provide this information to parents.