Natural Stone Cleaning, Restoration and Maintenance: What You Need To Know

It is going to be of great benefit in the long term to employ an expert stone care service, rather than leave your marble, granite, terrazzo and sandstone to go without any care.

Here is what you need to know about Cleaning, restoration and maintenance for your natural stone.


Cleaning is important in preventing dirt, grime, and food from sitting on the stone surfaces. This means that stains are less likely to form and the grit and grime are less likely to grind away at the stone. Professional cleaning services will ensure the right cleaning compounds are used to clean the stone without ruining it with chemicals.


Restoration is when natural stone is honed back and any blemishes, cracks, stains or gauges are repaired. After that, it is re-sealed and polished so that it looks almost brand new. This needs to be done by a professional to ensure it is done properly and with high-quality products.


Maintaining stone is a good practice and involves deep cleaning and re-sealing. This should be done by a professional as it will save you time and money. Additionally, their services will be backed by a guarantee if something were to go wrong or not last as long. Professional maintenance services can also provide expert advice on how to care for your stone surfaces, meaning it can go longer between maintenance and restorations.

Cleaning, restoring and maintaining natural stone are all important practices in the routine care and preservation of natural stone surfaces. These processes will ensure your natural stone surfaces last much longer than they would without any care.