Requirements For An Australian Work Visa

More than 100,000 people travel to Australia for work every year. Plus it is not surprising that there are more queues for their own opportunities to work in this country. However, due to the large number of candidates joining each year, the process can be quite complicated. That's not the end of it. Changes to the Eligible Migration Program made by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship also make it more difficult to obtain an Australian work visa. This leaves many candidates very confused. 

As a useful guide, here is an overview of the requirements for obtaining your work visa given via

Australia Work VISA

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One of the most important, especially for those who find long-term work, is the work order. For those of you who don't know, a work order is basically a document issued by the employment office on behalf of the requesting employer or requesting the region, stating that the particular position you are applying for is actually on demand.

So far, the application process with order requests has been simplified a bit. Most candidates can go through this long process while waiting for assignments to be placed. On the other hand, some positions, especially lower positions, do not require a visa work order.

However, with the new changes in this area, getting a work order is a top priority for work visa applicants. In fact, the Immigration Service now strictly requires applicants to first submit a work order as a prerequisite for obtaining their visa. 

However, apart from these major changes, the work visa application process remains the same. That way, if you are familiar with the procedure, you can easily go through it and get your visa.