Surgical Management In Honolulu For Cervical Spine Stenosis

Cervical stenosis, a medical condition that causes a narrowing of the spine canal, is known as cervical stenosis. Doctors can effectively treat it. It could be congenital (by birth) or age-related. To treat severe illness of the spine, you can consult the Honolulu spine surgery center via

What are the contributing factors to cervical spine stenosis?

Stenosis of the cervical spine can be caused by certain predisposing factors. These factors are the reason for spinal stenosis surgery. These factors are:

* Degeneration of the facet joints: They become arthritic and larger, allowing less space for nerves.

* Degeneration of discs and disc bulges.

* Formation of osteophytes and bony spurs.

* Thickening the connecting spinal ligaments.

* Spondylolisthesis is a condition where the spine shifts, leading to bony spur overgrowth.

What are the symptoms of cervical spine stenosis (cervical spine stenosis)?

Pinched nerves or spinal compression can cause symptoms in patients. These symptoms can include:

* Neck and arm pain.

* Tingling in the arm or fingers

* Weakness in the arm.

* Headache due to reduced circulation.

As soon as symptoms begin to appear, one should consult a doctor. A trial of conservative treatment can be done using steroids, therapy, and medication.

Cervical stenosis or cervical laminoplasty

Cervical spine surgery involves the reshaping, repositioning, and removal of bone to alleviate pressure on the cervical nerve roots.

What is the purpose of spinal stenosis?

Cervical spine stenosis surgery’s only purpose is to relieve pressure on the cervical nerve roots. This involves removing the source of the compression, which will improve the symptoms over the long term. This surgery preserves the stability and function of posterior vertebral components.