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Amazing Bible Timeline

What The Bible Teaches About Wisdom?

Wisdom is the main thing. This is what the Sacred Bible teaches. In the Book of Proverbs, Article Four verses five to nine, we find these inspiring words: "Get Wisdom, Get Understanding: Forget it; There is no decrease from my mouth words. Suddenly, and he will preserve you: Love him, and he will look after you. Wisdom is the main thing. 

Therefore Get Wisdom: And with all you get understanding. The invention, (wisdom) and he will promote you: He will respect him when you hug him. He will give his head as an ornament. The crown of glory will give you. 

"This part of this extraordinary scriptures revealed to us the power to obtain spiritual strength that changed life, called wisdom. You can get a free Bible genealogy timeline of Jesus Christ that will help to co-relate science and history in a logical manner.

Using the Bible against LGBTQ+ people is an abuse of scripture

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Wisdom is not the same thing as knowledge, even though both are very closely connected. Knowledge is the accumulation of truth. Understanding is the understanding of truth. And wisdom is the application of truth. In other words, wisdom is the ability given by God to apply knowledge, to put what you know in positive actions, and thus, reap amazing rewards and benefits.

There are many people who attend college and universities that have never produced a lot in life. These days, it is important to apply yourself to learning. However, after gaining knowledge, we must ask for wisdom about how to use it to fix humanity and to bring an increase and blessing for ourselves.

Wisdom includes every field of life. For example, wisdom will show a man and his wife how to develop a strong bond and enjoy a loving, sweet and beautiful relationship for life. Impossible to say you? Not all. God's wisdom can keep a marriage together, regardless of the life storm that comes to all of us. Get wisdom.