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Botox therapy

What Does Botox Exactly Do?

Botox is actually an amino acid. In reality, it's only a tiny amount of a protein that is extremely pure. There's absolutely no bacteria present in a bottle of Botox There is nothing. It is a very small amount of Botox.

The confusion is due with the process by which Botox is created. Botulism originates from a microorganism that produces massive amounts of 7 different proteins simultaneously. You can also get more information about Botox Treatment via online. 

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These seven proteins are labeled A B C D A, B, C, D, E,, and G. Only the B and A proteins are used in medical procedures. When Botox is produced then that "A" proteins are isolated to be purified, measured and then precisely. A bottle of Botox contains approximately 5 billionths of one gram of this extremely purified protein. 

When a doctor receives an injection vial of Botox it appears empty. The water is then put into the vial in order that the protein is drained into a syringe, and then administered.

In short, Botox is a protein that breaks down another protein known as SNAP-25 that is found in the nerves. The absence of SNAP-25 proteins stops nerves from communicating with muscles, which causes muscles to relax.