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Small Business Branding – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Small business branding comes with various challenges since small and medium sized companies often lack the required time, resources, funds and expertise to plan and carry out a successful branding exercise.

Listed below are four of the most common mistakes to watch out where small business branding is concerned.

Mistake #1

Lacking a solid marketing plan

This is a common mistake that small businesses make when it comes to planning their brand strategy. You can also look for the best graphic & logo design for business branding In Windsor & Leamington.

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Building up your brand from scratch requires patience and consistency over a long period of time and while a lot depends upon your current financial budget, it is wise to chart out a set of concrete short-term and long-term marketing plans to serve as your guide.

Mistake # 2

Don't own or have a poor quality website

Recent surveys show that 55% of small businesses do not have a website. And among those who have, many have poor quality websites with major usability and reliability issues. As more and more users search online before making a purchase decision, building a strong online presence has become imperative.

Mistake # 3

Ignore social media and internet marketing

The tremendous marketing power that social media platforms bring is often overlooked by small businesses. Social media gives companies the opportunity to connect with their customer base and a community of people who are interested in their service or product.

How to Choose a Logo Design Firm in Windsor

Logos are an integral part of business. This does not only affect the marketing aspect, but also the product branding aspect. Therefore, it is very important to make the right decisions when developing designs.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right logo design company. Here are guidelines to help you choose the right one. You can get more information about business branding & logo design via

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1. Do an extensive search

There are several companies that offer logo design services, but few are able to develop a quality product that is completely in line with the brand and the business itself. In choosing the right company, make an in-depth assessment of their designs and how they work.

2. Choose a quality based logo design company

Some companies can be misleading. They will offer lower fees just to get more customers. In exchange, they will lower the quality of their product to offset the cost. Ultimately, your brand suffers from its actions. Don't be tempted to accept a lower price just to save costs and stake your brand name at the same time.

3. Choose a company that can provide a larger sample size and a large portfolio

One of the ways to understand that companies have skilled designers and efficient employees is through their work. It should be able to give the pattern a different style and design. That is, high quality results can be achieved. Be careful if the company cannot offer a wide variety of sample jobs. It just means that it might not be good enough.