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Ecommerce Benefits in Canada

Ecommerce is one of the true revolutions of the Internet and has transformed how we buy, sell and interact with products and services. 

But what you may not know is not only has it revolutionized how we buy products but also the traditional barriers to starting a business have been smashed by eCommerce. You can also browse online sources to find more information about the pick and pack assistance in Canada.

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Ecommerce benefits

1.Cost benefits – Ecommerce costs way less to set up compared with traditional physical shops. And because it is virtual, you can set up your shop far more quickly and if you need to set up even more shops, it's often as easy as flipping a virtual switch.

2.Inventory benefits – It may be possible to drop ship directly from your suppliers without having to hold physical inventory. 

And even if your products don't allow you to ship directly, third-party logistics suppliers exist that can handle your inventory, picking, packing and shipping, and shipping needs. 

3.Scale benefits – With an eCommerce shop it's so easy to scale up bandwidth and servers. And the costs are typically marginally lower – doubling your capacity doesn't cost double, unlike a physical shop. 

4.Marketing benefits – Web marketing has many different paths, from Google AdWords and AdSense to affiliate and pay per click to social media. 

Just like scaling up, scaling down an online business is sometimes as simple as turning off the server. 

That gives you the opportunity to live to fight another day. This is ultimately one of the biggest eCommerce benefits.