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Kids’ Clocks – What Options You Have

Kids' clocks can be a great tool to help your child learn how to accept bedtime, wake up at the same time every day, and fall asleep more easily. Many of these clocks have facial expressions and colors that explain how to tell time. For instance, a blue light will signal it's time to go to sleep, yellow for playtime, and green for wakeup. Whether your child is older or younger, a clock can teach them the difference between time and energy, helping them sleep better and stay asleep longer.

Alarm clocks

Children’s alarm clocks are a great way to get them ready for bed, and many have cool features. Some even double as a sound machine and play soothing sounds before the alarm goes off. These clocks can be tethered via Bluetooth and have a speaker built in, while others may have an easy-to-use snooze button. Depending on the age of the child, there are many different styles to choose from, and parents will want to check which ones best suit their child's preferences.

Night light

If you are looking for a clock that will help your child sleep better, consider a kids' clock with a night light. They make a great gift for a child's room, and many feature customizable light settings. Some clocks even have alarms or play soothing music to wake your child up in the morning. Many kids' clocks with night lights are also programmable with sound effects and lullabies.

Sound machine

If you're looking for a sleep-recognition tool for your toddler, you'll love this Kids' sound machine clock. Not only can these clocks function as an alarm, they also give your little one a visual cue to wake up and get ready for bed. Kids' sound machines can also serve as a nightlight, which means your child will wake up with a gentle, soothing sound. The digital display of the clock also shows the time, alarm time, and other useful icons. This kids' sound machine clock has four sound options that are sure to soothe your child, and it even has a snooze button which works as a pause button in speaker mode.

Picture of a child sleeping

This royalty-free picture of a child sleeping on a kids' clock is perfect for personal and commercial uses. You can use this picture in print, digital or web projects under one of two licenses: the Standard License and the Extended License. The Standard License covers most uses, including advertising, UI designs, and product packaging, while the Extended License allows for any use you can imagine. Among the additional features of the Extended License is the ability to distribute and sell merchandise.

Snooze feature

Many parents opt to purchase a clock with a snooze feature for their children. The snooze feature on a kids' clock allows parents to adjust the alarm to fit a child's bedtime. This function is useful if a child has trouble getting to sleep. Some clocks are designed to be loud, so parents will need to keep the volume low, and some will not have a snooze button.


Parents use colored clocks for their children to teach them the time. They are ideal for preschoolers and toddlers, who often struggle to learn the time. The color-coded clocks display the time digitally on a standard clock display, and some of them even have music or a white-noise setting to wake up your child. The colors indicate different activities your child may enjoy, and parents can use the clock as a signal when their children need to stop playing and start a nap.


When it comes to the price of kids' clocks, there are many brands to choose from. Choose from ones that display the day, time, and outside temperature. Then, you can choose between a weekend or weekday model. Some clocks even have a snooze button so you can increase the speed of the alarm for a less grumpy morning. If your child has trouble waking up in the morning, consider purchasing a digital clock, which can be recharged with a USB.