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commercial led lighting

Things You Should Think About When Choosing Industrial and Commercial Lighting

If you’re a business owner, choosing the right lighting for your commercial or industrial facility can have a significant impact on your company. The right lighting choice and layout can boost productivity and even employee morale.

Great commercial LED lighting fixtures for indoor & outdoor wall lights makes stores more inviting and positively highlights products. There’s also a lot to consider cost, as upfront costs for some lights can be cheaper, but replacement is more frequent. The opposite is also true. 

Finding the right lighting and energy solution can help your bottom line, and these helpful tips are a great place to start when considering the best plan for industrial or commercial lighting.

If you’re placing lights in a work area or somewhere there will be customer foot traffic; heat needs to be factored in. CFL lights that are sometimes used in commercial and industrial buildings can get hot, and could result in discomfort if they’re in proximity to employees or customers

Depending on your business, it could also impact heat-sensitive products. If your building needs a lot of lighting, heat shed from lights could affect the climate inside, leading to higher utility bills if you need to pump up the air conditioner. Score another point here for LED lights because they don’t give off any heat at all.

LEDs are a great choice for interior light design because they are so versatile. They can be used as directional lights to focus on a specific product or floor area.