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Diversity And Inclusion – The Complete Guide For Atlanta HR Professionals

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has been able to outpace the corporate trend and is acknowledged as a key business requirement for multinational companies.

The notions of diversity and inclusion in human resource services are increasing in recognition in the business world as the benefits of these concepts become more evident as they are key elements for many employees when deciding on their employers. You can get top diversity and inclusion training to enhance the business level.

What exactly is diversity and inclusion?

Inclusion and diversity are integral to the organization's goals, strategies and practices to promote a more diverse work environment and harness the power of diversity to gain competitive advantages.

Businesses that have an inclusive and diverse work environment are more flexible and innovative, and are attracted by the most talented talent.

What is diversity in the workplace?

In the workplace, diversity refers to the recognition, acceptance, and appreciation for differences between individuals, which includes the differences in gender, race, ethnicity or age, religion and disability that are accompanied by the differences in the areas of education, personality, experiences, and knowledge base . 

The research conducted by Deloitte illustrates that different generations perceive different perspectives on diversity.

The millennial generation sees their workplace diversity as being a blend of different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. They believe the combination of these different perspectives leads to the development of new ideas.

What is the definition of inclusion?

The workplace environment is one that encourages collaboration, support and respect that increases the involvement and contribution of everyone in the workplace. In actual fact real inclusion eliminates all barriers to discrimination, intolerance and barriers. When properly used in the workplace, it is saying that everyone feels welcome and comfortable.