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History Of Ice Hockey Game

Ice hockey has a history of more than one hundred years,it is the ball sport with the highest speed among all the ball sports games. When playing ice hockey, athletes all wear the special skates, protective gear and clothing, slap the ball with cue, the team shooting more balls can win the game. Nowadays, ice hockey game boards are available in the market to play ice hockey at home.

Ice hockey originated in Canada in the 19th century. People who took part in this game tied ice skates under their feet, holding hockey sticks, running on the frozen ice lake to slap balls made with wood. The players and the game place were not limited, only the two wooden sticks stood as the goal.

At first it was ruled that both sides had 11 participants, later 9 participants, then 7, at last it was ruled that 6 participants took part in the game. The ball and the cue were developed continuously, later, it spreaded to the United States and Europe.

 Ice hockey is still very popular and attracts many people, it is divided into women ice hockey and the men ice hockey like other games. It is a ball game integrating football, speed skating and strategy together.