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Effective Yoga Exercises

Effective Yoga Exercises For Pregnant Ladies

If you're interested in learning what yoga can do to aid you in managing your pregnancy, you should take an instructor-led class in private yoga for pregnant women. The option of a one-on-one session with a certified instructor is ideal for people who are new to yoga who feel uncomfortable performing poses in front of others. 

It's also the ideal option for those whose schedules don't permit them to take regularly scheduled yoga sessions. You can also learn the concepts and techniques of holistic yoga via online yoga classes. Here are a few of the yoga poses you can expect to learn in your private class:

Agnistambhasana (ankle in knee position)

This pose can help relieve back pain and tension in the glutes and piriformis and glutes, which are commonly experienced by women who are pregnant. It's like a crossed-legged posture, however, your left foot and knee rest on top of your right foot and knee. 

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Your shoulders should be relaxed all the duration.

Eka Pada Kapotasana (pigeon pose)

The pose is also a way to address back pain as Agnistambhasana does, the only difference is that it concentrates on the hips. The first step is to start in a seated position. After that, you'll extend the right leg while you extend the left leg. 

Make sure that your upper body turns towards the left while maintaining your left leg in a relaxed position. If your stomach allows your body to bend inwards, bend forward. 

Malasana (yoga squat)

Yoga squats can be a little more difficult to perform when you're 15 pounds heavier, but they will feel better as it opens your hips. Do not do this until toward the end of pregnancy.