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Fiber Optic Media Converter

Do You Know How A Fiber Optic Media Converter Can Improve Your Office Efficiency

An optical fiber support converter converts a type of network support (defined by the cable, the connector, and the bandwidth) to another. 

This transition allows any company, whatever its size, to expand its old network with the latest technologies. You can also try a fiber optic design company in Israel to use implemented fiber optic systems. 

This flexibility allows greater efficiency and harmony between departments and individuals.

Does your business still have a former Cat6 or Cat5 local network, possibly with a support converter, you can integrate a bone optic fiber background that offers a much higher amount of bandwidth? 

With the volume of data treated by an exponentially growing modern desktop each year, it is essential that your network is able to effectively manage the work efficiently and quickly.

A typical support converter consists of two transceivers, sometimes called multimedia fixing units. 

These can transmit data to and on the other. Each MAU comes with a standard industry-standard format connector, capable of joining different types of media. 

The basic concept is that a type of support between and another output. All connectors are up to date with the latest IEEE standards and protocols.

An optical fiber support converter can be used in any part of the network, for example between routers, servers, switches, and hubs. 

It is even possible to be integrated next to your workstation. They allow the configuration of any network to be more flexible. 

The upgrade at a later date would be much cheaper than if you were completely launched your old system and start again.