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fixing separation anxiety in dogs

Find Behaviourist & Separation Anxiety Dog Trainers?

Separation anxiety can cause uncontrollable stress in your pet and make it uncomfortable. Your dog may become aggressive and destructive due to excessive stress. You may see your dog tearing up furniture or chewing on your shoes. This behavior is not intended to be a retaliatory response, but a panic response to frightening situations (from the dogs' point of view).

At this point, you should consult a separation anxiety dog trainer. You can easily appoint them by visiting The dog trainer will help your dog to get out from separation anxiety problems. 

fixing separation anxiety in dogs, separation anxiety training

Professional dog behaviourist firstly will tell you some easy techniques that you can try at home:

  • Don't make too much of your arrivals and departures. When you first arrive, acknowledge him but wait until you are able to enthusiastically praise him.

  • Be sure to take with you any clothing (Old T-shirt) that may contain your scent.

  • Make sure to give your dog plenty of chew toys and other favorite toys.

  • You might consider limiting his access to a small safe place, his "safe space".

  •  It is possible to leave your dirty laundry in a safe area so that your smell will be strong.

These are worthwhile methods to try. This condition can be treated and, in most cases, with the right instruction, you can resolve it on your own. You must be patient, consistent, and persistent with your dog treatment. It is possible to build a trusting and loving relationship with your dog.