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Sustainable Forests and Harvesting The Need of the Hour

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The timber market has changed drastically after the awareness of sustainability and eco-friendliness among the involved parties. Responsible growing and harvesting of timber go a long way in ensuring high-quality products alongside battling the rising carbon emissions. This goes without saying that sustainable forest management has become an essential part of ensuring quality for timber, climate, and nature.

How Sustainably-sourced Timber Makes a Difference?

As we all know, trees breathe in and out similar to humans and other living beings. However, the only difference is that they breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making this world a better place for us. Here, irresponsible harvesting of trees causes a drop in their efficiency, hence increasing the carbon output. This, in turn, can increase the presence of greenhouse gases.

In simple terms, survival isn’t possible on this planet without forests, or say sustainably-managed forests. Since forests are known to absorb around 40% of the fossil fuel emissions produced by humans, sustainable harvesting is the right step in making this world a better place to live.

Regulations Controlling Sustainability

Various policies and acts are in place to ensure timber harvesters and sellers follow ethical approaches only. For example, timber merchants are guided for sustainable and ethical timber management through “The National Forest Policy Statement (1992).” In addition, the “Vegetation Management Act 1999” governs certified managed private forests and state forest areas for sustainable harvesting.

Besides, some reputed organizations have started offering professional forest assessment services, offering tree valuation and guidance. These organizations target awareness and support for sustainable harvesting and forest area maintenance.