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indic studies

A Holistic Approach To Indic Studies

India's contributions to the world experienced an effect on the fields of both spiritualism, philosophy, speech, science, math, astronomy, and statecraft. With the Indic studies modest you will have an interdisciplinary approach to learning more about Indian civilization. 

You'll learn more about the terminology, culture, science, art, customs, and doctrine of this Indian subcontinent, in addition to contemporary subjects like Gandhi and Indian democracy. Study the best course of Indic studies according to the latest education requirements.


The Indic Studies minor is available to most students. The assignment of this Indic Studies would be really to: Disseminate comprehension of topics concerning Indian arts, doctrine, culture, social values, and habits.

Promote global stability through the combination of historical and modern values, encourage consciousness among Americans of modern India and its own demographic diversity. 

The objectives of this Institute are as follows:

  • To market research on India-related dilemmas, develop and implement educational programs, scientific research from Latvia, India, and other states;

  • To combine and encourage the actions of their UL teaching team and students within the discipline of Indic studies;

  • To entice jobs by giving them one locale, shared infrastructure, and promotion;

  • To improve Latvian community awareness about modern Indic science, culture, politics, and business;

  • To successfully make and sustain a database on tasks in Latvia linked to Indic culture and science.