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indoor golf simulator

History Of Golf Simulators

The golf simulator actually lasts longer than you think. In the early days (think about the early '80s), not many simulations were performed. Back then, golf simulators consisted of players hitting a ball into a net or a screen that displayed a 16-bit image (grain) of a course.

Each shot is captured by the gun's radar, which slowly calculates the time it takes to fly from the bat's surface to the screen. From there, the simulator computer will calculate a few numbers and then decide how far you can hit the ball.

The image on the golf simulator screen will then take you along the fairway to the next location and continue. There are many companies that provide the best indoor golf simulator via

No tracking, no swing speed, no ball speed, no club track information; There are no statistics. Fast forward a few years and golf simulators have improved as computers and microprocessors became faster.

However, the photo tracking system in this simulator is not very realistic. For example, a golf simulator cannot track the direction of the ball. So it seems like everyone has the opportunity to do laser shots all the time. Good for the ego, but still not a very realistic golf simulator.

Finally, in the early years, golf simulator companies began combining radars, multiple light sensors, high-speed cameras, and HD projectors with faster computers to produce more than just virtual driving distances. Today's golf simulator is very much alive.