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All You Need to Know About iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

It's only a matter of your time when you drop your iPhone 6 plus and find yourself with a cracked or damaged screen. If you're of the unlike users with the broken phone, don't panic, just find a good repair service that gives iPhone 6 plus screen replacement. You can also get more information on iPhone 6 plus screen replacement via

If you're not a tech-savvy person, don't take a risk of repairing your iPhone six on your own, instead address the experts for safe, quality and reliable repair service. Assuming that you simply aren't confident in your technical abilities, here are the choices you've got to exchange the iPhone 6 plus damaged screen.

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Get you iPhone 6 screen replacement by APPLE :

If you opt to buy a piece of iPhone 6 plus screen replacement in Apple service center you'll have to pay nearly $130 (plus taxes). In fact Apple service center may be a good option, with top quality service and professional technicians. However, their work is costlier than repair provided by a third-party. If you're trying to find a budget friendly, but still quality replacement you ought to definitely consider third-party service.

You should definitely choose Apple work center for repair if your warranty isn't voided. Apple will consider your warrant valid if your iPhone has a hairline crack, in other words if there aren't any obvious signs that you simply dropped your phone. However, in most cases, the iPhone screen is broken or cracked because you dropped it. If so, the iPhone service center won't replace the screen for free of charge .

Get repair service by third party :

If you're one among the unfortunate users who dropped the phone and ended up with a cracked screen there's no reason to require it at Apple center, as your warranty is already voided. Instead, you'll get an iPhone 6 plus screen replacement and add a third-party work center. If you would like to exchange the iPhone 6 screen an honest price for this service is going to be $100. See prices for other iPhone models here. Most of the third party services offer warranty and top quality details.