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laguna beach picnic area

Have Fun at Laguna Beach Picnic Area

Sometimes visitors forget the many beautiful parks in this city because there are so many beautiful beaches around it. If you're the kind of person who likes that creepy wet crawling thing that comes at high tide, or if you're soaking wet after days of swimming in the ocean. Then it's time to play at Laguna Beach.

The city has many beautiful parks. Your search for the right park begins with what activities do your children enjoy? Some parks have playground equipment, others have steel sculptures for climbing, some Lagoon Beach parks can have large lawns, and some parks have dedicated athletic fields.

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Laguna Beach Park is renowned for its beautiful coastline and stunning views of the canyon below. There is a phenomenal playground with bridges, slides, swings, and more. There are also sports fields for football, baseball, basketball courts, tennis courts, and hiking trails.

Laguna Beach Park also has a large lawn and covered picnic tables, ideal for afternoon play. On a recent visit, the blooming flowers were inundated with a myriad of butterflies fluttering in the afternoon breeze.

Smaller play facilities can also be found at the sprawling Laguna Beach. The children's playground at Laguna Beach tends to be less crowded simply because it is far from the popular shopping centers in the city center.