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An Introduction To Stink Bugs

The Pentatomidae family includes the stink bugs. There are many types of these bugs. They can vary in size, color, and smell. However, the brown stink bug is the most common in the United States. It can cause the most damage to homeowners.

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These insects eat plant matter making them a pest in the USA. Because its feeding method destroys crops and makes them unsellable, this is a problem. In some parts of America stink bugs have become a problem for people living in suburbs.

Its ability to emit a foul smell through the holes in its midsection is what gives stink bugs their identity. These smells are created when the insect feels threatened and act as a deterrent for potential predators such as birds or lizards.

The pheromones in the smell attract more insects, which is why it can be difficult to eradicate an infestation once they have become established. It is best to not crush them as they will spread their odor and attract more insects to your home.

The lack of tools necessary to deal with stink bugs can make it difficult to eradicate them. These bugs can hide well, so it is difficult for homeowners to find them.

You must take preventative measures to stop the bugs from getting into your home. To stop them from reestablishing themselves, you can remove any plant life from the home and secure insect access points.