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Leak Detection Services For Residential Home Owners

What are the services provided by the leak detection services that the average homeowner would need? Remote camera inspection of the sewer line to find and leak determination and slow drying is one of many services provided. No-dig method is used to find any problem without disturbing the property and is very beneficial for residential clients for a broad variety of reasons.

Incoming leak detection is another valuable service, since they are able to find pipes that are buried, as well as those that are under concrete. As you can imagine, accomplishing this task would be extremely difficult if not impossible on your own without the highly advanced technology of a leak detection service. You can check out leak detection services at

Plumber fixing white sink pipe with adjustable wrench.

Leaks cost money, waste water and can damage your home and property. With ground penetrating radar, pipes and other underground utilities can be located and inspected.

Don't Depend on Survey Maps

Not all of what may be under your home or lawn is always recorded, so survey maps and blueprints may not always give an accurate portrayal of the property. Old wells, septic and cistern tanks, and fuel oil tanks may be buried on the property and there is no record of them ever having been there.