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Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading Eyebrows- Is it Right For You?

Microblading has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments to obtain a perfectly shaped eyebrow, without the fuss of obtaining a permanent tattoo. 

To be sure about doing microblading, you need to know more. You can also look for the best microblading nearby online. Microblading is the process of using thin blade-like instruments to make small incisions onto the skin and depositing pigment into it. 

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Substantially different from permanent tattoos, this procedure seldom goes deep into the skin. As eyebrow trends keep evolving, most women choose to have this unique semi-permanent tattoo for perfectly filled in and shaped eyebrows. 

Semi-permanent procedure

Permanent or traditional tattoo works deeper into the skin and will seldom fade away. On the other hand, microblading involves the use of degradable ink, which might last only for a year or perhaps three years, depending on your lifestyle and skin type. It is an ideal option for those who love to change the appearance of their eyebrows often.

Results may vary according to skin types

Microblading yields different results for different skin types. It works perfectly on dry skin as it tends to retain the pigment for a longer period. 

On the contrary, people with oily skin are often at the risk of pigment hydration and rejection. It works on oily skin but it might take a while to heal completely and the strokes may not be as crisp as they should be.

Before you choose microblading eyebrows, conduct thorough research on the artist because the entire procedure involves intricacy and safety. Therefore, you need a well-trained and skilled artist to create that perfectly arched brow.