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Myers-Briggs Personality Pluralism

If we employ an approach to typology like Myers-Briggs, it becomes clear that while breeds are able to create naturally dominant alliances (SJs) as well as (SPs) however, there are plenty of tangible social distinctions within each coalition.

The Myers-Briggs personality test can be an excellent way to have a clear picture of the kind of brain an individual is, what the numerical dominance of certain breeds can help preserve the status quo, and how the different aspects of neural structure divide and unify individuals more than visible external characteristics like hair and skin color. 

Strangely, even as we have become more accepting of politics and cultural diversity, however, there is not enough attention paid to how the pluralism of society, in general, is due to distinct breeds of humans. 

The most popular mammals, such as cats and dogs have numerous breeds that have a tendency to cluster based on physiological external differences such as size as well as internal differences in a neural structure such as friendliness, aggression, and the ability to perform tasks in a particular. 

This is enough to create an enormous problem, not just for breeds that are rare such as INTJs but for common breeds as well.