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A Passion For Better Healing

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organic creamed honey

Benefits of Raw Honey and Organic Honey

Raw honey actually helps heal burns, cuts, abrasions, and wounds. Its natural antiseptic properties can actually keep wounds clean and stop the spread of bacteria. Because it is a natural antibiotic, it helps reduce swelling, promote healing, and prevent burn infections.

Honey has many oral benefits. In fact, it can help heal canker sores and bleeding gums. Cinnamon creamed honey is used to fight bad breath throughout the day when you gargle in the morning. 

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Applying a little honey to the skin and then rinsing it will soften the baby's skin. Honey is also used as part of homemade face masks to constrict pores and soften facial lines. 

Using honey on hair and scalp before shampooing leaves hair shiny, soft, and full body. Lastly, honey, used as antibacterial soap, helps remove facial imperfections. Raw honey has been shown to really help men with impotence problems and women with infertility problems. 

In fact, raw honey mixed with warm goat's milk can significantly increase a man's sperm count. More people are using honey as part of their weight loss program. Honey actually helps reduce fat and cholesterol buildup which is a contributing factor to obesity. Honey also contains vitamins and minerals that your body needs when you are on a strict diet.

In its purest form, raw honey does not contain preservatives, dyes or artificial additives. So when you cook with it, you only taste the sweet goodness. It's also increasingly used as a sugar substitute because it provides you with fewer calories, is easier for your body to process, and takes away the taste of your food and drinks.