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A Passion For Better Healing

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organic rose otto essential oil

Support Physical Health With Rose Otto Pure Essential Oil

Rose oil has been used in medicine for a long time! Since ancient times, doctors have praised the benefits of rose oil for its healing properties.

Ideally, our Body & Mind integrates the experience of the day each night while we sleep, then we wake up refreshed and welcome the new day with a renewed and joyful heart.

When our bodies are out of balance, we are more prone to disease.

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The physical body is healed by the profound harmonizing and balancing effect of real rose oil on the heart. 

Tonic and relaxant. Rosa damascena is a great sedative and is known to have wide-ranging effects on the nervous system.

-Rose oil gently relieves stress and nervous tension.

-Studies show that Rosa damascena has a stimulating effect on the human brain and can be a useful memory aid.

-Heart Tonic uses rose oil to improve circulation and tighten blood capillaries, reducing congestion and heart palpitations.

HEART TONIC: Mix 1 drop of pure rose essential oil with 1 drop of light virgin coconut oil and rub it into the heart area once a day.

In Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient healing system practiced in India, the soft, sweet, floral, and warm scent of Rosa damascena is ideal for regulating and calming ALL doshas or body types. Vata, Pitta, and Kafa imbalances respond well to Rosa Damascena's regulatory influence.