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scented soy candles

Scenting Soy Candles – How It’s Done In Australia?

Everyone can find pleasure in candles, especially soy candles, but most of us are drawn to them by their great looks and amazing scents. It's easy to take for granted the work that went into manufacturing them, but chances are you've probably wondered how soy wax can smell that irresistible.

The quick answer is science, fragrances, and oils. Soy wax candles are scented with oils soaked in various scents. You can easily get the high-quality scented soy candles via

If you look at the products you use every day, you will find that most of them are fortified with some type of flavored oil. From shower gels to cleansing fluids to deodorants, fragrance products enter our lives every day.

When scenting soy wax, the amount of fragrance mixed with the soy wax determines the strength of the scent. In general, candles can contain 0.5 to 1.5 ounces of flavored oil per kilogram of wax.

What happens if too much flavor oil is mixed into the melted wax? The excess oil will flow from the wax through the tiny pores in the wax as it hardens.

Aromatic oils bind chemically to the wax, which means that if there are too many aromatic atoms floating around and there aren't enough wax atoms to bond, the aromatic atoms will remain indefinitely. You can't force more flavoring atoms to bind to the wax (at least not in our "home lab") to keep the remaining flavoring oil liquid.

This creates a problem as most of the scents are highly concentrated, which can burn or irritate your skin. However, this is not a big problem with glass candles, but it does interfere with the aesthetics and if an obscene amount of flavor oil is added, the candle will not burn properly.

Determining the maximum amount of scent a candle will retain is definitely a learned art. Each type of soy wax is different, and it takes a lot of research and development to find that magic wax-flavor ratio.