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Shower Pans

Shower Pans – What You Need to Know

Even though we don't think about them often, shower pans essentially keep our bathrooms in good shape. They're one of those things that few people might even recognize, but any new homeowner or anyone redesigning their bathroom has likely been made aware of shower bases and the fact that some work needs to go into planning out which ones to get.

To make a long story short, a shower pan sits as the foundation of a shower and acts to facilitate the effective drainage of all water. Without a functional shower tile pan, you'll likely witness rising water levels, and bathroom floors can often flood.

When choosing a shower base, there are certain considerations that you'll want to keep in mind. Namely, the shape of the shower pan will play into whatever you end up choosing. This is due to the fact that your shower pan should take on the shape of your shower. You can click on this to buy the best shower pan online.

Universal Shower Pan

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Some people have square showers, while others have longer rectangular showers. Additionally, there are those with round showers and some that take on more unique shapes.

Whatever your situation looks like, you'll want to choose a shower base that suits the style of your bathroom and shower. 

There are a few more considerations that will go into choosing shower pans. A shower pan liner is one of those things that not all shower owners use, but something that might keep your shower holding up well for a longer timeframe.