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How Residential Solar Installation Works in Perth?

The installation of solar panels for residential use is a fantastic option to make an impact on the environment while making savings in the process. It is essential that the parts of the system are of top quality and manufactured by reputable companies to protect the residents who utilize their home solar system. You can also search online for solar installation in Perth for best results.

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Learn what the elements are and how it helps the solar system function.

Solar panel – The solar panel comprises a series of small dark blue elements known as solar cells. They operate according to the principles of Becquerel impact or photovoltaic phenomenon. 

In short they are made of silicon that is impure and produces electrical current when it is illuminated by light. The electrical power generated by the cell is dependent on the intensity of the sunlight it is exposed to.

Solar Inverter – The solar panels on the roof produce the variable DC which is also known as direct current, whereas our appliances operate with electricity AC (also known as alternating current). 

So, before taking advantage of the power generated by the panels, it is necessary that you convert DC to AC. Installed behind the roof panels, the Inverter is able to supply the AC that is compatible with the utilities supplied phase into the net-meter. You can also search online for solar installation and solar panels to get more information related to them.