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The Essence Of Handrail Brackets

There are several designs for handrail brackets. We've seen different designs such as lion heads, horse heads, and elephant heads. However, parallel or double brackets are considered the safest to use. In this type, one bracket is nailed to the wall and the other side is attached to the handrail. You can also buy the best handrail brackets through various online sources.

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When choosing a bracket, make sure it fits the shape of your handrail and is equipped with nuts and bolts. This step should be considered especially if you are not buying a kit but rather individual parts. You'll need up to five brackets for a straight railing, but if the staircase is spiral, a curved one, or has multiple right-angle turns, more brackets will be needed.

Handrails are not only for decorative purposes. They are used to support railings to make the whole staircase durable and secure. With the help of brackets, the rails are placed further away from the wall or banister, which makes them easier to hold.

When choosing a bracket, it should be made of the same material as the rail. They should complement rather than contrast. However, you can choose a different design than usual to make your railing more attractive.

Also, think about the overall style of your staircase before purchasing your handrail material. If in doubt, you can contact a professional interior designer.

Shopping is the best thing you can do for that particular housing project. You can do this easily on the internet by looking at the many websites devoted to home accessories and supplies. They usually have a picture of this mount and tell about the available inventory. You can also browse local hardware stores or online if you prefer.