The Best Asphalt Roof For Your Home

Asphalt is the most common roofing material in American homes, mainly due to its visual flexibility, low cost, easy maintenance and weather resistance.

It is an essential part of new and old homes. Installing asphalt tile roofs is also relatively quick and inexpensive. You can install asphalt shingles at your home.

Asphalt roofing is a cheaper alternative to other roofing materials, although it can be similar to many other materials chosen simply for aesthetic reasons.

What type of roof is right for your home? If you are on a reasonable budget, Asphalt is the answer.

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But what kind of asphalt tile should you choose? Find your home style in the handy list below to find the answer.


Colonial houses are known for their rectangular shape, symmetry, the arrangement of the bedrooms on the second floor, simple facades and identical closed windows.

Emphasize the traditional look of this style with large, smooth upholstery planks in different shades of brown so the wood looks trouble-free.

The farm

As the official home of suburban neighborhoods across America, ranch homes are identified by wood paneling or brick walls.

High pitched roof; built-in garage; and a combination of sliding doors, traditional windows, and picture windows. Modernize your farm house and stand out from the big, high textured, reflective and strong asphalt tiles.