The many Benefits Of Adding Yeast Cultures

Here are some ways to increase feed efficiency and increase weight using creep feeds. As livestock genetics and management practices have evolved over the past several generations, so have nutritional knowledge and practices have evolved.

Previously, protein and energy were the main nutrients that were balanced by nutritionists when feeding calves. They can now feed additives (especially yeast and yeast byproducts) and provide bioavailable micronutrients to further enhance the benefits of supplementing young cattle.

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Yeast culture and yeast cell wall components are a potent product that has been provided to livestock for many years and has been shown to have several beneficial properties to animal productivity and health. 

Its components have been shown to improve health, stimulate the immune system, protect against harmful bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella, and promote growth without the use of antibiotics.

Yeast culture in particular stimulates the digestive microflora, which in turn has a positive impact on dry matter absorption, stomach pH value, and nutrient digestibility. Yeast culture supplements and stimulates the growth of cellulolytic or digestive bacteria in the rumen. This increases the speed and efficiency of rumen fermentation. 

Benefits of including yeast in nursing calf nutrition:

-Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

-Promotes the growth of digestive bacteria in the stomach to support the speed and degree of feed degradation.

-Stimulates the activity of bacteria that convert lactic acid into propionic acid.