The Truth About Lower Back Pain

When it comes to reasons behind lower back pain One of the primary points to consider is that most of the time it's an injury to your body that is not medically related.

If you're experiencing lower back pain, it's most likely due to a lack of strength and flexibility. The muscles that are weak and tight allow bones to shift out of alignment, placing strain on ligaments, tension discs, muscles, and joints.

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6 Low Back Pain Symptoms, Locations, Treatments & Causes

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The medical industry can write prescriptions as if it has any idea of what is causing lower back discomfort. Rarely, a doctor will check to determine how sturdy as well as flexible. determine if your body is in alignment, or suggest some stretching and strengthening exercises that can bring you back to more alignment?

Likely, back pain isn't caused by a shortage of Celebrex however for millions of people, that's all they experience when they visit their doctor. This is a waste of medicine, that is primarily focused on masking symptoms and not the repair of function that is not to a higher level.

You may be taught the sole exercise they instruct at medical school, which is raising your knees towards your chest. It may provide some relief, but it won't address the root of the issue.

You'll need new technologies, like fitness-based technology.

The question is: What's the root issue?

Answer The answer is that the bones are not in alignment.

Question: What can cause bones to be out of their proper alignment?

Answer: you have tight and weak muscles located in your body.