Three Advantages Of Email Marketing Campaign Software Dashboards

Dashboards are a great addition to any email marketing software. A well-designed dashboard allows users to easily follow email campaigns in real-time, with the added benefit of instant graphics and flexible reporting capabilities. There are some companies that provide the best email marketing automation services.

When considering software for your email campaigns, keep an eye out for dashboard features that include the following three key benefits:

Real-time reporting The real-time dashboard gives you an overview of the progress of your email campaigns. Common reporting functions create a static image of data that is only current from when it was received. 

The time it takes to get a regular report can even add to the time before the actual report is sent to the campaign manager. Real-time reports are essential for any marketing campaign to show real-world trends to date. 

Instant graphics cards are becoming increasingly popular in email marketing software campaigns due to their easy-to-use visual interface. From the dashboard, users can directly request a pie chart or bar chart that lists the statistics of the current email campaign and shows in an easy-to-read color format how many recipients' emails were opened, unsubscribed, forwarded, etc. 

Agile data mining A good dashboard will allow you to sort your email campaign data by multiple parameters with the push of a button. 

For example, a manager may ask such as who opened an email, clicked on a hyperlink, unsubscribed, filled out literature, signed up for an event, etc. The possibilities are endless and can provide invaluable information for the marketing team.