Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack – Toast to the Perfect Rack

With most homes becoming short on space, adding a metal wine rack that hangs from your wall or ceiling makes all the difference. You now have storage space for your treasured bottles of wine as well as an aesthetic appeal. These wall racks provide us with three separate functions such as wine storage, visual decor, and open workspace facilitation. A wine rack is to wine as hands are to arms. They are an extension and a useful tool for your wine collection.

Metal wine racks in Toronto are a sensible decision when selecting an excellent way to store and protect your wine collection. The very nature of the metal makes them durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Since the material is metal it is often twisted into sculptures or designs unobtainable by traditional wood wine racks. These designs are then forged at high heats so the wine rack metal is almost indestructible.

Wall-mounted metal wine racks are perfect when space is at a premium or when you wish to display a special collection above a buffet or side table. They are designed to provide the required bottle tilt for cork protection and most feature no-roll shelving for stability. They all offer endless possibilities in terms of style and versatility.

Wrought iron wine racks are some of the most traditional metal wine racks. Wine racks made from chrome or steel are perfect for modern decor.

Solid in their construction metal, wine racks will hold the weight of several wine bottles with ease and provide a visual creative conversation piece. A popular spot for a metal wine rack has become over a kitchen island where it can stay out of the way but still adds drama to the room. Because of its highly skilled design and craftsmanship, you will be looking to show off this piece just as much as your wine collection.