Whisky Investment for a Beginners Guide

The investment in whisky isn't easy because the market for whisky has drastically changed in the past 50 years. It's even different from the last three years. The dramatic changes that have occurred in the marketplace in the past 10-30 years render this comparison non-reliable at best, and inaccurate at worst.

It has also led to a number of collectors buying modern bottles under the idea that they'll see the same transformations that vintage bottles have. It is highly unlikely, and, as best we can tell, it is due to a misinterpretation regarding how this market came to where it is today. You can find more details about whisky investment from various online resoures.


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The Whisky Investment Market Today

The present market is quite different from the one twenty years ago. It was even more than the last three years. An increase of 500% over the last ten years of one malt bottles is frequently referenced whenever investment in whisky is mentioned. 

But, it's crucial to recognize that this is due to extremely specific circumstances that meant that bottles from the 1990s were mostly overvalued compared to the current market. In addition, it is true that the market is catching up with its current level and the annual growth seen in various indexes are far less dramatic.

There are a variety of variations in this , which we'll discuss in greater depth. But it is crucial to recognize that although whisky bottles appear to be one uniform investment, the performance of a particular kind of bottle shouldn't be used to determine the results in another.